Tri-Lakes Dual-Sport Riders

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We are a group of dual-sport and dirt riders in the Tri-Lakes area north of Colorado Springs that enjoys meeting up to get our tires dirty.  Rides may range from easy to difficult.  Personalities may range from easy to difficult.  But it always works out because we all love dual-sporting.  Join us for some single track, quad trails, big bike friendly forest service roads, or maybe just a burger run every now and then.  All skill levels welcome.


Please note that we are not professional tour guides, motorcycle skill coaches, babysitters, or particularly intelligent people in general.  Every time that you ride with us, you do so at your own risk, of your own volition, and with the full knowledge that we:

  • don’t know where we are going
  • don’t know what we are doing
  • don’t know how easy, hard, safe or dangerous a particular route is, and
  • don’t know whether or not you or the rest of us have the skills required to get through the ride alive.

Crack a femur, get lost, fall off a cliff, die from eating some wicked mushroom you found growing on a stump? It’s all on you.  We aren’t responsible for you.  Remember that what one rider considers “easy” may be impossible for another.  If in doubt… Don’t go down, turn around.  Do note that should any of those things or other unfortunate events befall you, you will be mocked and skill-shamed mercilessly as this is good for group morale.

That’s on him!!!


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