Tips And Tricks for Using this Site

The place to find help information on using this site is the Forum. However, it helps to have a page where you can quickly find links to that help, or a tip that only requires a simple answer. So I have added this page as a quick reference FAQ page. An index of forum topics can be found here.

For All Members

Q. Why am I not showing in the list of members? And why is my login username visible on my profile?
A. I have not issued your Member ID number yet. See this post.

Q. Why is there a black bar showing at the top of my screen when I log in?
A. That is the Admin panel that enables you to access your settings and profile. See this post.

Q. How do I add my profile photo?
A. You need to edit your profile. See this post.

Q. How do I become an Organizer?
A. The application form is at the bottom of this page.

For Organizers

Q. How do I create a group?
A. The short answer is, you don’t. I do. See this post.

Q. How do I add a banner image for my group?
A. You need to create an 860 x 225 pixel image and upload it. See this post.

Q. How do I add my banner image to my About page?
A. It needs to be uploaded to the Media Library and your page edited. See this post.

Q. Someone has made a booking for my event, but they are not a member of my group?
A. You need to make your event a Private event, not a Public one. See this post.

Q. How do I know who is attending my events?
A. Go to your profile. Click on Events, then My Event Bookings. It also shows on the actual event page.