Tips and Tricks for Using this Site

The place to find help information on using this site is the Forum. However, it helps to have a page where you can quickly find links to that help, or a tip that only requires a simple answer. So I have added this page as a quick reference FAQ page. An index of forum topics can be found here.

For Newly Registered Members

Q. I don’t understand how this site works.  What do I do first?
A. The site is sort of like Facebook + Meetup. Start with this introduction.

Q. I did not receive my activation email.
A. Please check your spam folder. If it has been more than 6 hours, contact the admin.

Q. Why does it say I cannot access some of the social aspects of the site?
A. Spammers register for sites just to cause trouble. This restriction will be removed once I have vetted your details.

Q. Why do you make it so hard to become a member?
A. Not all people have good intentions. There are several checks I do for new members, to protect the privacy and safety of existing members.

Q. I posted a comment and it said it needs to be approved.
A. To prevent spam, your first comment needs to be approved. From then on, it is posted immediately.

For All Members

Q. Why am I not showing in the list of members? And why is my login username visible beside the @ symbol?
A. I have not issued your Member ID number yet. See this post.

Q. Why is there a red bar showing at the top of my screen when I log in?
A. That is the Admin panel that enables you to access your settings and profile. See this post.
MIIf you are logged in and do not see that bar, please refresh the page.

Q. How do I Join a group?
A. You must first register for an Eventpeg account. Once logged in, you will see a green button to join the group.
MIIf you are logged in and do not see that button, please refresh the page.

Q. How do I add my profile photo?
A. You need to edit your profile. See this post.

Q. How do I become an Organizer?
A. The application form is on this page.

For Organizers

Q. How do I create a group?
A. The short answer is, you don’t. I do. See this post.

Q. How do I add a banner image for my group?
A. You need to create an 860 x 225 pixel image and upload it. See this post.

Q. How do I add my banner image to my About page?
A. It needs to be uploaded to the Media Library and your page edited. See this post.

Q. Someone has made a booking for my event, but they are not a member of my group?
A. You need to make your event a Private event, not a Public one. See this post.

Q. How do I know who is attending my events?
A. Bookings will show on the event page, where the map is. To manage bookings, see this post.

Q. Can I drag and drop the map location?
A. Yes. If you choose not to use the automatic map, you can create your own. It also accepts GPS coordinates.