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CLAN Midland – Strive Group Sponsor

CLAN MidlandWhile the Strive group is fully self-supporting financially, we would be unable to hold our meetings without a venue.

CLAN Midland provides us with that venue at no cost, also covering us for public liability insurance under their policy.

Founded in 1990, the Midvale Neighbourhood Centre is run by CLAN Midland, a not-for-profit, community based family support service.

The centre caters for a range of different services and functions, as outside agencies can utilise the area free of charge. CLAN uses it for programs, workshops and activities for their own client base and any other functions that the space may be appropriate for.

Rooms are available for hire 7 days a week, at any hour.

We provide a wrap around parenting service through a holistic approach; working collaboratively to support and strengthen connections between staff, community agencies, volunteers, schools and our families.

Our vision is for families to be valued and their parenting supported so they can reach their full potential – building resilience in families by supporting and empowering families to function independently, encouraging them to make healthy positive choices.

Our mission is to build upon the strengths of families with children 0-18 years, to ensure their continued connections within the community.

CLAN BuildingMidvale Neighbourhood Centre
3/44 Mathoura St
Midvale WA, 6056 Australia
Phone: (08) 9250 6335
Fax: (08) 9250 6334


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