Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies

Nobody likes reading these sorts of pages. But to register for the website, you need to tick the box saying you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, or Terms of Service (TOS).

These TOS are here for your protection and so you understand what this website is, and is not, responsible for. It is in your best interest to read them. Therefore, we will not create a ten page document full of legal jargon that will bore you to tears.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Age
To register as a member on this website (Site), you must be at least 18 years of age. By agreeing to these TOS you are confirming that you are.

Geographical Location
Membership is open to anyone, regardless of which country you live in.

Site Content
The Site Admin has the final say in what is allowed to be posted on the Site. If you post content that is deemed unacceptable for any reason, you must remove it when asked to. Failure to do so, or repeated instances, may result in your account being terminated.

Groups (Public, Private or Hidden) that encourage behaviour that is illegal will be removed. In all other cases, you are free to create a group for whatever purpose you choose. It is not our intent to tell you what is acceptable and what is not. However, the Site Admin may require a group to be made Private or Hidden, if it is deemed to be unsuitable for general viewing.

Personal Safety
Members are responsible for their own safety, both on this Site and when attending Group Functions. You should never reveal personal details to another member that can identify you such as – your residential address, email address, phone number or credit card details. You should never reveal your login Username or Password to another member, Organizer or Moderator.

You have the ability to block another member from messaging you. If you are uncomfortable with your Organizer’s or Moderator’s communication with you, contact the Site Admin via the Contact link explaining the issue.

Organizer’s Responsibilities
On this Site, Organizers are called “Group Admins”. Organizers can promote group members to a Co-Admin role, but you need to choose them carefully as they can do almost anything with your group, except delete it. A more suitable alternative is to promote them to a Moderator role, which still enables them to help you manage your group.

As an Organizer, you have a Duty of Care to your group members. You may be given access to their email address or financial information, when members make a booking and you are charging for a Group Function. You must never abuse this privilege, or your ability to own a group may be revoked.

When organizing Group Functions, you are by implication, responsible for ensuring the venue and behaviour of anyone attending, provides a safe environment for members. The Site Admin cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur at Group Functions.

Organizers may charge membership fees for their groups, and if so, must negotiate such payment privately with each member.

You must renew your Organizer fee annually, when notified by the Site Admin, to remain an Organizer. Further details for Organizers can be found via the Become an Organizer link.

Admin Responsibilities
The Site Admin makes every effort to ensure the Site is available and operating correctly. If you find a bug, please use the Contact link to report it. While security measures have been installed to protect the Site, you agree not to hold the Site Admin responsible for any breach of security.

The Site Admin makes daily backups of the database and regular backups of the entire Site. However, we have no control over our Web Host’s operations. You agree not to hold the Site Admin responsible for any disruption to the service, or inconvenience caused through the Site being unavailable for any reason.

The Site Admin will give all members a minimum of 30 days notice should it become necessary to close the Site. An opportunity for someone to take over the Site will also be made available.

Privacy Policy

Login Details
It is your responsibility to store your Username and Password in a secure place. However, if you do forget your password, you can reset it from the login panel using your email address. Similarly, if you forget your Username, you can log in using your email address.

Only the Site Admin knows your Username or email address. Only you will ever know your password. You can choose your Member Name (Nickname) in your profile settings. Unlike your Username, your Nickname can be changed at any time. Your membership ID number e.g. @0956 is set by the Site Admin.

The Site Admin will never disclose your login details to anyone, and neither should you. They are important pieces of information, and the final level of security the Site has. You should make them as complicated as possible.

Personal Details
You have the ability to add additional information to your extended profile, such as your state, town or suburb, and your website details if you have one. You can also add a short biography. These are all entirely optional.

You have the ability to hide your profile from people who are not logged in, or not on your Friends list. You can even hide it from the list of members altogether.

You should never include information that can be used to steal your identity.

Group Privacy
Organizers can choose to make their group Public, Private or Hidden. Each type adds a deeper level of privacy, but you can still use an “About” page if you wish, to allow visitors or other members to learn more about your group before joining. You can change your group type at any time, and any number of times.

GDPR Policy 2018

In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy of 2018, the site Admin is required to inform users what information about them is collected, where it is stored, how it is shared and what happens in the case of a security breach.

The only personally identifiable information collected by the website when you register, is your email address and country where you live. This information is stored in the website database. A record of organizer’s subscriptions is also stored in an offline spreadsheet. It stores your login Username, Member ID assigned by WordPress and your Member ID Number (@number) assigned by the site Admin. Your email address is not stored on the spreadsheet.

The website displays a notice on the Home page that the site uses cookies. Visitors are given a link to read more about what they do.

None of your information is shared with, rented to, or sold to any third party. In the case of a known security breach, all members will be emailed advising them to change their password.