Allowing Members to Create Events

For some groups, it is important that any member be allowed to create events for the group. These groups usually have many micro-events that need to be added at short notice and without the need for Organizer approval.

This feature became known as “Mayhem Mode”, because it bypassed the normal process of events only being scheduled by Organizers. It opened up groups to abuse by members and potential safety and liability issues.

Sites such as eventually dropped the option, only allowing members to suggest an event to the Organizer. Here at Eventpeg, it is not available by default, but can be used upon request.

How it Works
To enable a member to create events, their role has to be upgraded to “Host”. This is an intermediate role between Member and Organizer. It does not give them any other ability and does not require them to be a Moderator or Group Admin.

It is a role that can only be set by the site Admin, so the Organizer needs to request that a member be upgraded. In reality, you may only require certain trusted members to be able to do this and not all members.

Potential Problems
One of the unwanted side effects of this feature is that the member can create events in any group they belong to. If they were to do it in a group that doesn’t allow it, they would most likely find themselves promptly banned by the Organizer.

To prevent this from happening, it is best that the member re-registers with Eventpeg using a second email address. They would then choose which account to login to, depending on which type of groups they will be interacting with. It is not a requirement, but a suggestion. If the member is responsible, and doesn’t abuse this extra ability, then it would never cause them any problems.

To minimize problems, the request must come from the Organizer. Requests from members themselves will not be approved.