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The actual diving spot can
be seen by the red asterisk.

Marshall Islands

Click here to see a satellite view.

The GPS co-ordinates are: 8.7167° N, 167.7333° E

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This is our diving spot at Kwajalein, a tiny atoll of the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

We usually go there every year to get away from the rat race of everyday life back here at home. Spending a week there relaxes you and you come home totally refreshed.

The facilities are quite good, but the only fresh water is that collected from rain water falling on the runway, so they are very strict on how you use it.

Accommodation is in dormitory style rooms with double bunks. Meals can be bought at the small cafe and there is a bar where you can relax in the evenings.

Here are some photos of what the atoll looks like, which you can click on.


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