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Weather, Wind, & Tides with Real Time Videos

It is important to check out the weather and tide conditions. There are a number of weather sites, some with cameras and videos that can be accessed in real time. Just click on the links in blue or copy and paste in your browser.

It is also useful to look at actual recent photos of various beaches, including some virtually real time videos:

Many of these sites also have real time weather information like wind direction and intensity, precipitation, tides, and more. I like to go to the Jupiter Inlet site and look at the photos and the video for a good idea what is going on up and down the coast:

Jupiter Inlet wind readings are on top of a building. The winds going over and around the building affect the winds, so that weather station readings may be mixed up.

Going to the Jupiter site will give you a very real idea about what the wave action is all up and down the coast near where we do most of our kayak fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. The “Latest Movie” on the Jensen site is pretty good too.

Hobe Sound is fixed now (the photos are good, and the weather station information is back). Hobe Sound does not have a video, but the recent photos are actually right on the beach at Peck’s Lake:

And check out Jenson Beach:

Want to look at the Boynton Beach Inlet?

Check them out now, just for practice. It is really neat that we can do this (Thank you Erdman Video Systems).

There is also real time information at the NOAA Weather Buoy 6 miles out between Vero Beach and Ft. Pierce:

Tide tables for our areas because the Tide is important as well as the weather:

Use Ankona (in the Indian River) for near the Hutchinson Island nuclear power plant.
If the area you want is not on the charts, pick a close area and figure out whether the tide will be the same or different. Moving water has inertia and keeps on moving until something changes it. Example: MacArthur Park has all its water going in and out through (under) Burnt Bridge so looking at North Palm Beach tides on the charts, you need to add almost one hour for the tide to change back inside MacArthur Park.

Another good Tide Site is

For a surf forecast, check here:

And here:

Thanks to Jeff W. for this site for wind predictions:

Just click on a dot where you’re interested, and if you want you can bookmark individual locations. They also have a good “app” for your phone.

There is a new player in town now and we can look at the Juno Pier here:

A number of the above sites also have the tide tables on them for that area.

Another accurate weather forecasting site can be found at the Weather Underground:

These sites are tools (ain’t technology grand?) to help us enjoy our sport. Look at all of them and see the wealth of information you now have.



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