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Waiting List - Via Ticket

In the previous post we looked at the default method of handling a waiting list. In this post, we will actually create a waiting list by adding a special  "Ticket". What we want to end up with looks like this:

We have two types of tickets, an Event Ticket at #1 and a Waiting List ticket at #2. The total number of available tickets at #3 and the maximum number that can be booked at #4 are left blank in this method, as they are set individually for each type of ticket.

How we create this extra ticket is by clicking on "Add new ticket" at #5.

The first thing we need to do is rename our "Standard Ticket", as shown here:

By clicking on the "Edit" link for the Standard Ticket, we can rename it to "Event Ticket" at #1. We set the total number of spaces at #2, in this case 2, and then set the maximum number of tickets that can be booked at one time to 2 for example at #3. We can then close the ticket editor.

To create our Waiting List ticket, click on "Add new ticket" and we will get this:

We can now name our new ticket "Waiting List" at #1. I have set the number of people that can be on the waiting list to 10 at #2. I have only allowed 1 space to be booked at #3. We can now close the Ticket Editor at #4.

(After I made this tutorial I realized you would not have a waiting list of 10 for an event with 2 spaces, but you get the idea.)

When an event is fully booked, members will see this:

The Event Ticket shows no more are available at #2. But now, members can add themselves to the waiting list by booking a Waiting List ticket at #3.

From our event page, we can click on "View Bookings" for the Waiting List ticket and we get this:

If an extra space for our event becomes available, or we have kept one in reserve, we can move a member from the Waiting List ticket to the Event Ticket list. To do that we find their booking and click on "Edit/View" at #2. We will then see this:

This shows us the booking information for that member. We can see that they have 1 Waiting List ticket booked at #1 and no Event Tickets. To move them, we need to click on "Modify Booking" at #2 and we will get this"

Now the bookings can be accessed. All we need to do is swap the numbers. Make the entry in the top box at #1 "0" and the entry in the bottom box "1".

Click on "Submit Changes" at #2 and that member will now appear on your Event Ticket list instead.

They will receive an email, but you may wish to message them as well, letting them know they now have an event ticket and are expected to attend.