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Waiting List - Manual

By default, there is no waiting list. When an event is fully booked, the booking option disappears. It is then up to you how you handle anyone who wants to be put on a waiting list.

When you create your event it would look like this:

Assuming it is a free event, the only entries you need to fill in are the total number of tickets (spaces) available at #1 and the maximum number of tickets a person can book at one time at #2. You don't need to open the ticket editor at all.

In this example, there are only 2 tickets available. A person can book 1 ticket for themselves or 2 tickets if they wish to bring a guest. The booking form will look like this:


The default name of the ticket is a "Standard Ticket" #1 and a member can choose 1 or 2 tickets at #2.

Once all the tickets have been booked, the booking form will look like this:

The booking form disappears and the number of available spaces shows 0 at #1. Members are advised the event is fully booked at #2. But they can contact their Organizer if they want to be notified of cancellations, as shown at #3.

It is then up to the Organizer to manually keep a record of who is going, who has cancelled, and who to contact when a space becomes available again.

However, it is possible to allow a waiting list option by adding a second ticket as we will see in the next post.

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