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Topic Index

To make finding help easier, this page is an index to all available help topics. Simply browse to a category, then view a list of available topics. Click on the link to view the content.

Getting Started

Introduction to Eventpeg
Introduction to the Dashboard
Choosing Your Privacy Settings
Adding Your Profile Image


Creating your First GroupĀ 
Adding your Group Cover Image
Adding your Cover Image to your About Page
Adding Backgrounds to Pages, Events, Locations and Groups
Adding New Pages
Welcome Email to New Members
Sending a Group Message
Dealing with No-Shows
Waiting List - Manual
Waiting List - Via Ticket
Managing Bookings
Using a Custom Map


Creating an Event 1 - Overview
Creating an Event 2 - Locations
Creating an Event 3 - Name Event
Creating an Event 4 - When
Creating an Event 5 - Set Location
Creating an Event 6 - Details
Creating an Event 7 - Bookings
Creating an Event 8 - Visibility
Creating an Event 9 - Fine Tuning