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Never be afraid to ask

Learning to find your around a new website is always hard at first. Things are new, you don't know how to find them or even how to use them.

We all come here with different skill levels. Some have never used WordPress before, others will have but still need to figure out what does what.

This forum is here to provide help, so if you ever get stuck, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you have a problem understanding something, then the next person may also have the same question. By posting it here, the answer will be here for them.

Nobody is going to read pages and pages of help questions, so I didn't make them. I am letting the forum be the fountain of knowledge.

Hi Admin,

I need to setup a private group, with some fairly strict security and privacy.  I have some questions (if this should be posted elsewhere on the forum, please let me know!):

  1. The demo group you have (thank you for that!) is open; how can we find out what is viewable/non-viewable by the public when a group is private?  What are the differences between a private and non-private group?
  2. We don't want to publish a postal code/address info for our group, other than a particular neighbourhood within the City.  Is this possible?
  3. For safety reasons we don't want members randomly posting in the discussion area.  Is it possible to lock this altogether, or failing that have admin approval before posts/comments are approved?
  4. I know this is approaching 'overly difficult' but are there any options for admin vetting/info about members (again, for security) without it being displayed publicly or even to group members?  I expect not, but asking just in case.


5. Would like more info about group pages: is it possible to give them differing viewability (e.g. public, members only, admins only).  If not, we can work around this, but would be helpful to know.  Thanks!

Hi Anne,

I have only just seen this post. For some reason I was not subscribed to this part of the board and didn't get notified there was a new post.

  1. If you go to the groups tab in the menu and do a group search, you will see some groups listed as Private. If you go to one of them, you will see what information you have access to.
  2. Yes, I can leave the postal code out of the Directory if you wish me to. Just let me know.
  3. The discussion board is only visible to group members, even in a public group.
  4. I am not sure what information you want me to verify. I have ways to tell if people are telling porkies when they register. You will need to expand on exactly what you mean by this.
  5. Your About page is for your benefit. It enables you to describe the purpose of your group to potential members. This is particularly useful for Private or Hidden groups. If you add further pages, you can set them to Private, and only logged in users can read them. You can also password protect them, so new group members cannot read them until you give them the password.

I hope this has helped, and again I apologize for missing your post. I am now subscribed to it.