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Managing Bookings

We need a way to see who is attending our events and to modify bookings if needed. In this screenshot, we are looking at the event as members will see it:

As you can see, there are 12 spaces available and 8 remaining. You can see the names of the four members who have booked. But what if we need to access those bookings?

You need to go to the dashboard in the back end and click on Events as shown here:

You will see your events by default as "Mine" at #1. You cannot manage another organizer's events anyway. On the right at #2, you can see the 4 bookings for the event. Click on "Bookings" and you will see this:

Here you can see the names of each member who has made a booking. On the right, you can see options for Rodney's bookings at #1. We could delete it if necessary, but we want to just view it at the moment. Click on "Edit/View" and you will see this:

Now we can see who Rodney is. You could click on his name at #1 to visit his profile. First let's look at modifying the booking status at #2. Click on "Change" and you will see this:

Bookings are "Approved" by default as seen at #1. But you can see there are various options you can select if you need to. You also have the option of whether to email the member of the status change. Once finished, click on "Submit Changes".

From the previous screen, we can see you also have the option to modify the booking at #3 as shown below:

That will give you this screen:

Here we could change the number of spaces Rodney has booked. Maybe he rang you and said he is bringing a guest, so you could change the booking from "1" to "2" at #1. Once done, click on "Submit Changes".

As you can see, you have a great deal of control over bookings once they have been made. Your Event page shows you who is coming, but to find out more information or to modify a booking, you need to do it via the dashboard.