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Leaving for our new home here on Eventpeg

I have been an Organizer for 2 clubs on Meetup for many years now.  Meetup has made changes without telling us (the Organizers) and many of those changes, besides blindsiding us, hurt our club.  I put up with it for years, but the changes Meetup has now made (December, 2017) have made it so hard to run our club, we have to get off Meetup.  We looked at a number of alternatives and have now settled on and joined Eventpeg.  It is a one month free trial, but I really believe it will continue and we have now found a better and a permanent home here.    So I want to thank Eventpeg for being here for us and I will invite others to come on over as well.

David Andrews, Administrator and former Organizer at
Kayak Fishing Club of the Palm Beaches
5662 Banana Road, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA 33413
(561) 683-8933 (home phone, not a cell phone)