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Dashboard introduction

Interacting with the website is done through what is called the "Backend" or Admin Panel. You select operations to perform through the "Dashboard".

You have probably visited many websites that use WordPress without being aware of it. Unless you have been given access to the backend, you will never have seen the dashboard. Organizers would see extra links added on the left.

This post is to show you what the dashboard looks like and its various features. As with all help topics here, if your mouse cursor changes when you move over an image, then you can click on it to open a full-sized version in a separate tab. This will enable you to see much more detail.

This is the screen you are greeted with when you log in:

In the top left hand corner is the Eventpeg home page icon. Clicking on it will take you to the normal website view, but you will now be logged in, so you can interact with the content.

What appears in those boxes with the dotted outline is determined by the "Screen Options" dropdown, and is only a cosmetic thing which is up to you.

In the top right hand corner you can see your Member Name and Avatar. Next to that is that oval icon with a zero in it. That is where you will see if you have any notifications to read. If you do, it will be blue, with a number in it.

The first thing you should do after logging in for the first time, is set up your profile, by clicking on the link on the left. That will take you to this screen:

Your Nickname box should show the Member Name you entered on registration. If it doesn't, type it in there.

Next select the name you want other users to see in the dropdown box below it. You want to use your Nickname, not your login Username!

You will see at the bottom of the screenshot, the ability to enter your phone number. I would advise against doing that.

You can leave everything else as it is and then save your profile. Next, you can add some extra information by clicking on the "Extended Profile" tab, and you will get this screen:

Here you can enter information for any extra fields I may have added. In this shot, there is one for your location and one for your website details (if you have one). It is up to you whether you want to use these extra boxes. Once you are happy with what is there, save your profile again. You could add your Avatar here, but we will do that later.

Next we will look at accessing your meet-up screens. Hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner of your screen, and you will see a dropdown list of menu links as shown here:

You can see you have a lot of options here. One important option is "Log Out", which you need to do at the end of a session, if not using your own computer. Let's look at viewing your profile page by selecting Profile>View. That will take you to this screen:

The first thing to notice is the @0003 entry. That is your Member ID and was set by me after your registered. It is a number that is unique to you and will never change. It is a way of other members knowing who you are, even if you change your Nickname, and doesn't reveal your login Username.

Any extra profile information you added earlier will also show at the bottom, under the "Name" box.

What appears in the second row of blue links, is determined by which link you click on in the top row. You can see in this shot, that the Profile and View links are highlighted. We won't cover how to change anything here, but have a play and see what things show up.

This post is a first look at using the dashboard and the meet-up menu. You may find it all fairly self-explanatory, or totally confusing. It all depends on your experience with WordPress and BuddyPress. If you're new at this, practice it a few times, and try different menu links. As long as you don't modify any information, simply looking around won't change any settings or muck up your account.

This post is an example of how you will be able to find help using the forum. Being interactive, if you don't understand anything, then feel free to post a reply. Either myself or another member will then help you out. It is a much better idea than me simply making static "How To" pages.