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Creating an Event 1 - Overview

The primary purpose of Eventpeg is to create events, so step-by-step instructions on how to do this is important for new members.

A basic principle to understand is, events belong to you. By this I mean that when you create an event it is your event. You then assign it to one of your groups.

There are only two types of members who can create events, Organizers and nominated members that Organizers have asked the site Admin to give them that ability. Making someone a Group Admin or Moderator does not automatically give them this ability.

There are two ways to create an event, from the WordPress back end admin panel under "Events" and from your "Profile" page in the front end. We will be using the second method in this series of posts, because it flows in a logical sequence, making it easier to understand. At the end, we will look at the first method so we can set the event privacy - who can actually see it.

It may seem complicated at first, because you have several options for your events at various steps, but when you actually do it, it is easier than these long-winded posts.

Once you have mastered the steps needed to create an event, you will see everything can be done from the one place in the back end. This saves you a lot of time and steps, but you first need to know what those steps are.

Time Zones
The event manager now supports time zones when creating events.

This has overcome the problem of bookings closing at the wrong time and events disappearing from the events page and your group.

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