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Creating a group

Groups are created by the Admin, not by the member themself. Everybody initially joins as a free member, with basic capabilities. To own a group, you first have to become an Organizer.

To do that, you need to fill in the form on the Become an Organizer page.

From that information, I first upgrade your membership level to Organizer, giving you the extra capabilities you will need to run a group and schedule events.

I then create your group, set up your About page and link it to your group and create your Discussion message board, amongst other things.

We then work together to fine tune your group and iron out any bugs. Once you are happy with your group and know how to operate it, then it becomes yours to manage.

This manual process is designed to ensure you end up with a group that works correctly, without having to know how the website actually does it. You are paying me a fee for a service, and I should not expect you to have to delve into the innards of the website operation to get that service.

If you wish to own another group, you simply repeat the process. The only difference is you will already be an Organizer.