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Creating an Event 8 - Visibility

Once we have created our event, we need to decide who can see it, and whether to publish it now or save it as a draft. This is done through the back end admin panel.

On the black admin bar at the top of your screen, hover over the word "Eventpeg" and click on "Dashboard". You will then get this screen:

Hover over the Events link on the left and click on either #1 or #2 depending on what type of event you created. Find your event in the list that opens and click on "Edit".

This opens the back end editor and settings page. On the right you will see the "Publish" panel, a closeup of which can be seen here:


Public vs Private
In the left image I have clicked on the "Visibility" link at #1, which reveals three choices. If your group is a Private of Hidden one, the bottom "Private" option will be showing. If your group is a Public one, then your event will also be showing as "Public".

Public events are visible to anyone, including guests. Any registered member can make a booking - even if they aren't a member of your group.

If you only want your group members to see the event, then select "Private" at #1 click "OK" and then "Update". Your event will no longer show on the website if you are not logged in. Other registered non-members will not be able to see it either.

Password Protected
In the right image I have selected "Password protected" at #1 and would have typed the password into the box at #2. Using a password for your event is handy for two main purposes:

Firstly, only group members you give the password to can view the event details. This gives you the maximum amount of control over who can read about or book a place for an event. By limiting the event description, you can even keep the venue secret.

Secondly, it enables everyone to see you are an active group because your event will show up - they just can't view the details.

Publish vs Draft vs Scheduled
You can choose whether to make your event live now, or save it as a draft:


In the left image, I have clicked on the "Status" Edit link at #1. This opens the drop-down box at #1 in the right image.

You can choose to publish it now or to save it as a draft. Again, click on "OK" and "Update".

You can also schedule your event to automatically publish itself at a future date, by clicking on the Edit link next to the "Published on" entry.

Below that, you can see you also have the option to "Duplicate Event", which saves a lot of work.

As you can see, you have fine-grained control over who can see your events and when they are published. Next we will look at the final aspect of creating an event - fine tuning the description.

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