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Creating an Event 9 - Fine Tuning

The final aspect we will look at when creating an event, is the description and adding images. As mentioned earlier, this is best done from the back end editor and is accessed in the same way as the previous post.

This is what your event description looks like in the editor:

You can see a full-sized version by clicking on the image. This editor gives you much more control over your text formatting, but more importantly, enables you to add images from your Media Library.

In this screenshot, I have 5 images, with each one linked to a larger one. The main things to watch out for here are alignment and spacing.

When you add each image, make some space between each one as shown at #3. Just hit the spacebar to add one or two to keep them from butting up against each other.

As you can see, when you click on an image at #1, a box pops up above it. Click on the "No Alignment" tab as shown at #2. Do this for all your images to keep them in line on the event page - just as they are here.

You can even insert a link to a YouTube video by getting the "Embed" code from the video and inserting it here via the hyperlink icon in the toolbar.

You can also link each of the images to full-sized ones:

Click on an image as shown at #1 and then the hyperlink icon in the toolbar at #2. A box will pop up at #3 to add the link. Click on the "Gear" icon shown just above "3" and paste in the link to your larger image. Also tick the box to open it in a new Tab or Window.

Your image could be hosted on another website, or you could use one from your Media Library. If using your library one, you would need to get its website address from there.

This has been a long series of posts and there is a lot to take in. If you are new to WordPress, then you will need to practice it a few times before it becomes second nature.

You can create your events the way I have described or you can do it all from the back end. For newcomers, I recommend doing it the way I described. But once you have it down pat, you may find it much easier to do it all in one go from the back end.

Because events are what this site is all about, it is important you know how to create them, what steps to take and what each one does.

If you get stuck, then feel free to contact me or post a question in the forum. If you are having trouble, chances are other newcomers will too. We all learn from each other.