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Creating an Event 7 - Bookings

Now we have our event defined, we need to set up the booking details such as the number of spaces, allowed number of guests, cost, etc.

Note that you will need to click on the images below to open the full sized version to see all the boxes I'm talking about:

By ticking the box at #1 it opens up our ticketing options. By default, a "Standard Ticket" will appear as seen at #2. It is a free ticket with 10 available tickets or "Spaces".

We can override the number of available spaces by typing a number into the box at #3.

At #4 we can set how many spaces can be booked. For example, setting it to 2 would enable a person to book a space for their self and 1 guest.

At #5 we set the cut off date and time for closing bookings. No further spaces can be booked after that setting.

To set a price for the event, we need to click on the "Edit" link at #2. This will open up extra boxes as seen here:

We can enter the cost for a space (ticket) directly into the "Price" box, such as $5.00 as seen at #1.

Close the ticket editor by clicking on the button at #2 and you will see the information for the default ticket has been updated:

The Price at #1 now shows our $5.00 amount. Of course the currency you use may not be in dollars, which is why no symbol is shown there.

We have now finished the basic steps for creating our event, and you can click on the "Submit Event" button at #2.

As I said initially, it takes a lot to describe all these steps in detail. But when you actually do it, everything flows in a simple and logical sequence and you soon get used to it.

There are two things we still need to do though. Firstly we need to decide who can see the event, and secondly to fine tune the description and add any pictures to the description.

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