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Creating an Event 6 - Details

Directly below the location boxes and map is the box to enter the event description as seen here:

This is where you can enter the details about your event such as what it is about, any special requirements, etc. However, the editor here is very basic, so we will only put in something short here and fine tune it later in another post.

In particular, you don't have the ability to add images from your Media Library in this editor.

What we do have here is the ability to set the category. Normally, the category setting in the event manager is just that - a category such as health, games, photography, etc.

At Eventpeg, I am using the category function to identify groups instead. The sole reason for this is for the calendar function. The calendar enables you to view events by category, and by using groups instead, it enables you to view only events for your group. So it is important to select your group in this step.

Another option we have is to upload an event image as shown here:

As you can see at #1 you could upload a single image for your event. This image will appear on the Events Search page, and is 480 pixels wide. Anything wider than that will be cropped automatically.

When we fine tune our event later, you will have the ability to include many images or even a video.

The last thing to look at here is the check box at #2. By ticking this box, we get the settings for bookings, which we will look at next.

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