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Creating an Event 5 - Set location

Once we have set the "When" for an event, we need to choose the "Where". Not all events will need a location, but we would still need to tell the software that. In this post we will look at how to choose one of our locations we made previously.

From the "Add Event" page we see:

As you can see at #1 we need to tell the software whether this event has a physical location. If it doesn't, you need to tick that box, and the location boxes will disappear.

For this event, we will use an existing location. As you start typing the name of the location at #2 you will see a matching one appear below the box. Click on the name and you will see this:

The details for the location and the map will automatically be added, saving you the need to enter them manually.

You can choose to use any location that your group utilizes, you are not limited to only ones you personally created. Simply start typing the name of one and it will appear.

Next we will add the description for what our event is about and set the category.

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