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Creating an Event 4 - When

Events can be one off or recurring. They can be for a certain time period of the day, or all day. They may also span several days. As you can see, there are a lot of variables, but the software can handle any combination.

Carrying on from the previous post, this one deals with the "When" for an event. From our "Add Event" screen we see this:

A new box now appears below these two for your time zone. You can select your actual town from the dropdown list, or use a time zone offset such as UTC-4.

The first choice we have is whether this is a recurring event or not at #1. Let's make one that is:

We have ticked the box at #1 and now extra boxes appear. You set the first date the event will occur at #2 by choosing it from the calendar that will pop up when you click on that box. We have set the last date the event will occur at #3.

At #4 and #5 we select the start and end times for the event. If it runs all day, we could tick that box instead.

Next we set the repeat cycle at #6. For this event, it is happening every week. At #7 we have set it to be on Saturdays.

The event does not run for more than one day, so we can leave the entry at #8 as it is.

If the event was not a recurring one, we would see less boxes:

You can see the start and end dates are the same, and we only need to enter the time.

The date format 09/12/2017 as opposed to 12/09/2017 will not be a problem, because I have set the site to display the long version on event pages such as 12 Sep 2017. You will not get confused when choosing the date, because it is done by clicking on the pop up calendar.

Next we will look at setting the location from our predetermined list.

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