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Adding your about page cover image

In this post we saw how to add your 860 x 225 pixel cover image to your group. Now we need to see how that same image is added to your "About" page for your group.

Operations that involve group functions are mostly handled by the BuddyPress side of things. Working with pages is done through the normal WordPress (WP) menu.

For people who have used WP before, you may be familiar with making blog posts and using the Media library. Very often though, you may never have worked with pages. So this tutorial assumes you have never used WP before, and need to know how things work.

When I made you an Organizer, it added extra menu items to the Dashboard as can be seen here:

You now have access to the Media Library, MediaPress (for photo albums), Pages, Comments and Events. The first thing we are going to do is upload your cover image. Click on "Media" and select "Add New". You will then get this screen:

Click on the "Select Files" button at #1 to upload your 860 x 225 pixel image, Notice the 2MB limit at #2.

Click on "Library" and you will then get this screen:

Clicking on the icon at #1 will give you a list view, rather than a grid view, which gives you more useful information. If your image is showing, then your upload was successful. You will only see your images, not those of any other member.

Next, click on "Pages" and you will get this screen:

You will only see your pages by default, as shown by "Mine" at #1. Your "About" page will be the only one listed. You can view other site pages, but can only edit your own.

Hover over the page name and click on "Edit" as shown at #2. You will then get this screen:

This is the Editor function of WP, and where you make changes to pages or add new ones to your existing About page. You will be coming to similar screens when creating locations for your events and other event options, so you will get to know it quite well.

At #1 you can see the page name for your group that I added for you. You can see it also appears as the page heading at #2. You can change that page heading text to something more useful, and it will not affect the actual page address (URL).

At #3 you can see the links I added to both your About page (where you are now) and your actual group Meet Up.

What we are interested in here, is the generic grey cover image I added at #4. This is what we need to replace. Click on the image, and you will get this effect:

Notice the image now has handles on each corner at #1. A box has also popped up over it. We are going to delete this image, so click on the "X" at #2, and it will disappear.

Click on the "Add Media" button above the editor toolbar and you will get this screen:

Select the "Media Library" tab at #1 and click on your cover image at #2. Once it gets that tick showing, go down to the bottom right of the screen and set the image alignment to "Center" at #3. Choose "Full Size" at #4 and click on the "Insert into page" blue button.

Your page should then update to show the new image as shown here:

Click on the blue "Update" button and then right-click on the "Preview Changes" button at #1. This will open your page in a new browser tab so you can see what the finished page will look like.

If everything looks okay, then your task is complete, and you can close that browser tab. You can then either go back to the Dashboard, or continue with another task.

For someone new to WP, this procedure may seem complicated. Learning to find your way around WP will take a while, but you will soon get used to it. The skills you learn here will be ones that you may very well use on other WP sites in the future, or on your blog if you make one sometime.

Once you've mastered these skills, they're yours to keep and are well worth learning. Being able to edit your About page, and adding extra ones later, such as your group rules for example, will really unlock the power and flexibility of Eventpeg and you will come to appreciate the freedom you have as an Organizer.