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Adding your group cover image

Adding the small group profile image is done in the same way as for your personal profile as explained in this post. But with groups, you also have the ability to add a much larger cover image that becomes your brand image. To do this, go to your group page and you will see this screen:

Click on the Manage link to get this screen (click to see the full image):

Click on the Cover Image link to get this screen:

BuddyPress defaults to an image 1200 x 225 pixels in size, but this site does not use a full width screen. The size we need for our cover image is 860 x 225 pixels.

Unlike the profile image, you do not get the option to crop your image, so it needs to be sized before uploading. If you do not have a graphics program to do this, there is an excellent online one here.

Once you have your image sized correctly, click on the "Select your File" button to upload it. Your cover image should then fit correctly as shown here:

Compare this to one where I have used a 1000 x 260 pixel image:

As you can see, the image has not been cropped automatically and is too large. Be aware also that the maximum file size you can upload on this site is 2MB. An 860 x 225 pixel image should only be 100KB or less.

The same cover image can also be used on your group's About page that I set up for you, as seen here:

Your cover photo gives visitors a first impression of your group, so it is well worth the time to make one that is relevant and leaves visitors in no doubt about what your group does.