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Adding Backgrounds to Pages, Events, Locations and Groups

You can add your own custom background image to your About page and any other pages you link to that. The same image can also be added to your events and locations.

The simplest way to do it initially, is to email me the image you want to use, and I will adjust it and compress it before adding it to your About page. You can then merely copy and paste the necessary code to your other items.

To see the code that is added, open your About page for editing via the dashboard:

The panel we are interested in is the "Simple CSS" one at #1. In there you can see the code I have added to display your background.

The code will be identical for everyone except for the actual image reference at #2. That reference is obtained by copying it from the image details in the Media Library.

The actual code looks like this:

body {
background-image: url(;
background-repeat: repeat;
@media (max-width: 480px) {
body {
background-image: none;

The only part you would ever need to change is the URL which you can see is an actual link. If you decide to change your image, it is simply a matter of replacing that URL reference.

Your Event and Location pages both have the same "Simple CSS" panel and the principle is exactly the same.

To add the image to your Group, you will see a tab called "Appearances" when you click on "Manage". You simply upload the image as you did with the "cover" image and "photo".