Tech Day – Casper Wyoming

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Date(s) - 26 May 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Casper Fire Extinguisher Service

Event ID: 343

Event Host: Brook Reams

Host Group:
Colorado Airheads Beemer Club

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*** This is not a CO-ABC Event, but it’s a nice ride to a neighboring Tech Day
*** I’m seriously considering riding up on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday morning.
*** Contact Michael Bailey ( if you plan to attend. Feel free to send
*** me a note if you are interested in riding up together.

We are having a tech day May 26th at my shop, Casper Fire Extinguisher Service 435 N. McKinley
St. Casper, just off I 25 McKinley Street Exit.

I have a lift, tools,  maybe a part or two.  I am being selfish on this as I have a sidecar that I need advice on and a 78 R65 that someone might want to help, or just tinker.  Food will not be an issue, and Casper is a gateway to fun riding and is often an area many go through when they are on their way to somewhere else. , if anyone is interested.  Open to any Airhead/BMW especially Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota.  Have tools, a HF Lift, lots of parking, and protection from the weather.

We have an O’Reilly’s within striking distance, and we have a HF in case you want HF schlock, we have may restaurants of all types from a simple Taco Johns, to a pinky out sushi.  And 4 blocks from Drive up liquor (Yes, Wyoming still has ’em).

I have a complete R100 engine, if anyone want to use it for a special tech session during or at another time, or at least consider it, if it would be helpful for a later event.

2 thoughts on “Tech Day – Casper Wyoming

  1. Hi Michael,

    For a valve adjustment, assuming you have the original took kit that came with the bike, you need no additional tools. The feeler gauges and box wrenches are all you need.

    As to changing filament to LED bulbs, “it depends” on what you are changing. For example, changing /5 turn signal bulbs to LED will not go well with the turn signal relay timing. You can change out a flaky instrument cluster bulb set and flexible contact card with a kit from Kat Dash and it all works just fine. So, “it depends” on what you want to change.

    I hope that helps.

    Brook Reams, CO-ABC Eventpeg Coordinator.

  2. I want to master the valve adjustment.
    Maybe change.upgrade a light to LED

    How embarrassing will it be if I am mostly clueless ?
    What should I add to my factory tool kit for the valve adjustment?

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