Dive Ulua Beach

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Date(s) - 13 Jan 2018
7:30 am

Ulua Beach

Event ID: 121

Event Host: Pink Lloyd

Host Group:
Maui Mantas

Total Spaces: 10

Spaces Remaining: 9

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  • Pink Lloyd

(Click here to see a close up satellite view)

This is a good novice dive, but still has something for advanced divers. Mantas have been seen there recently and frequently. There are all the usual tropical fish, including frogfish, lionfish, scopionfish, eels, octopus, turtles, crabs, nudibranchs, and even harlequin shrimp.

What we do will depend on who shows up. We can dive the outter reef to a depth of 40′. Or, we can explore the satellite reefs to about 50′. Bring a second tank and we can do a second dive. If you can’t get a tank so early, contact Lloyd. I may be able to provide.

There are bathrooms and showers for cleanup.

We meet at 7:30.  We enter the water at 8am.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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