Catch Redfish and Snook at Everglades National Park

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Date(s) - 07 Apr 2018 - 09 Apr 2018
7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Flamingo Boat Ramp

Event ID: 327

Event Host: David Andrews

Host Group:
Kayak Fishing Club Palm Beaches

Total Spaces: 10

Spaces Remaining: 8

Member Bookings

  • Emmanuel
  • Roy Carroll

There are lots of options for fishing here.

• Plan “A” is to launch Saturday at 7 AM from the docks or boat ramp at Flamingo and either fish Snake Byte or the islands just to the south. For those that will stay the weekend, we will set up our tents at the back of campsite “B” after fishing.

• For Sunday we can do Snake Byte again or fish Coot Bay or any of the other numerous fishing areas nearby. The weather will help us decide.

• Some will have to get back Sunday night, but some may stay to fish (or get on the road) Monday morning. We will have some discussions about where we want to go for any or all of the 3 days and we can have a big camp fire for cooking and heat at the camp site. Bring some firewood or logs or something for the camp fire.  Craig and David plan to fish some and head back Monday around noon to miss the evening traffic.

• Bring anything that you may need, including insect repellent (very important), PFD, whistle, sunscreen, dark (polarizing best) glasses, food and drink, protective clothing, tent, sleeping bag, flashlights, fishing rods, firewood, etc.

• The GPS coordinates for the launch area are 25.14205, -80.92359 to put in Google Maps.
In Google Maps go to Satellite View.  The actual address for the Flamingo Boat Ramp is
1 Flamingo Lodge Highway, Flamingo, Fl 33034.
That will get you close, but the GPS coordinates will get you spot on to the launch site.

• If you only want to, or are only able to spend one day (or 2 days) there, that will be OK. Join us for either Saturday or Sunday, etc. Remember, camping is optional, but better than driving back at night. 🙂

• Call David at 561 area code 683~8933 or Craig at 561 area code 843~4095 to let us know you plan to go.


Bookings are closed for this event.

3 thoughts on “Catch Redfish and Snook at Everglades National Park

  1. I’ve been having to assist my dad with some health issues he’s having and that has been consuming most of my free time outside of work, but I am planning to make the drive down and get some fishing in. I will not be down there at 7am. I’m plan on launching my kayak at West Lake around 9am. I’ll will swing by the campground when I pull out and see if I can find you guys to catch up on the day. Unfortunately I will not be able to camp. I will have my VHF on channel 68 but guessing I will be out of range from Flamingo, but maybe in range if anyone fishes the north part of Snake Bite or decide to fish West Lake.

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