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“Edinburgh Strolling Group” is a walking group for those who enjoy walking but for various reasons prefer walks at a slower pace. Most of our weekend walks will be around the 3-5 mile mark at a slower pace of between 2-3 miles per hour with possibly some shorter evening strolls during the week in the spring/summer. These walks are ideal for those who like to enjoy the scenery and chat without exerting themselves too much. The group is for anyone who wants to take life gently but get out in the fresh air for a bit of exercise with like minded people.

Shorter walks will generally start at around lunch time, with longer walks starting not earlier than 11am. If you like fast paced walks, this is not the group for you.

Most of our walks will be local to Edinburgh and south east central Scotland and many will be accessible by public transport. Where cars are required, individual members need to organise this amongst themselves.

All organisers are volunteers who give up their own time to run events for the group and are not qualified instructors or tour guides. Members attend at their own risk and are responsible for their own decisions and safety.

To Sign Up for a walk:

You must RSVP Yes via the website icon for the event if spaces are available or onto the waiting list if spaces are not. If you do not use this method, you cannot attend the event just by showing up.

If you are booked on a walk but can no longer make it:

You must change your RSVP to ‘no’ via the website icon. This ensures that people on the waiting list get a chance to take your place.

If you are unable to make it to a walk at the last minute

Please contact the organiser via the comments section of the event explaining your absence ASAP. Failure to do so within 4 days will result in you being recorded as a NO SHOW. No shows are not acceptable and if it happens 3 times without explanation you will be banned from the group.

I am on the waiting list for a walk. How do I get a place?

When somebody cancels, as frequently happens, the first person who joined the waiting list will be moved up to receive a place on the walk. Please check regularly to see if you have a place as failure to turn up will as above result in a NO SHOW recorded against your name.

Is it worth joining a long waiting list?

You have to be seen to be actively participating in the groups activities to avoid being removed from the group. So it is in your interest to sign up for events and make every attempt to participate such as joining the waiting list of an event. People often cancel in the days leading up to a walk so it’s quite possible you will get a place. We will be permanently removing members after 12 months who have not attempted to get on an event.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome on the majority of this group’s walks. If dogs are not permitted, such as if the walk crosses a nature reserve, the details of the individual walk will make this clear.

Please make sure you and your dog behave with consideration to other walkers and are placed on leads in the vicinity of livestock or near traffic. It is also the discretion of the Organiser to ask any member to put their dog on the lead should the need arise.

What do I need to bring on a walk?

Sensible footwear and clothing for the varied Scottish climate. To quote the famous saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing”.

Bring water and snacks, to keep you going. Our walks will state if a lunch break is planned.

An event organiser may turn away a member who is not appropriately kitted out. If this happens, it is for the safety of the individual member and for the group as a whole.

What are the group’s walks like?

Our intention is for our events to be very welcoming to all participants. We will attempt to keep the group together so no-one is left out or lost. Keep the organiser in sight and do not walk too far ahead. We will re-group where necessary.

How the group is run

We currently run the group ourselves but now have a few event organisers to help us out with additional walks. We run walks mostly on weekends and evenings in the spring/summer around other commitments but other event organisers may offer walks at other times. We try to offer at least 3 walks a month.

Membership is absolutely free as running costs are minimal at present but this might change at a future date.

Inactive Members

Please try to attend an event within 12 months. We will have a number of events on offer and it is reasonable to expect your attendance at least once in a 12 month period. We will permanently remove members who have been inactive for 12 months.

We look forward to seeing you on an event soon

Stephen & Lisa


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