Meet Up Groups Allowed at Eventpeg

Meetup CensorshipOne of the things I had to think about when I created Eventpeg was, what sort of groups should I allow – or if I should even dictate what is acceptable?

It has always amused me that sites such as feel they have higher moral principles than the rest of us, and can decide what adults are allowed and not allowed to do.

Sure, they have the right to determine what they allow on their platform – it is theirs after all. But if you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Just because something is well known and has been around for years, doesn’t mean you have no choice but to use it.

Where do you draw the line as to what is “acceptable”?

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Eventpeg Alternative to

Press is changing the way its website works, much to the dismay of Organizers. As if the high cost of fees were not enough, now Meetup is completely revamping the interface for its website.

Features that have long been used to manage groups are being removed, and an ugly generic interface takes away the customized pages people have spent time creating to showcase their group.

This has been done without consultation with Organizers, and the company is not interested in feedback. It would appear the very people who make Meetup possible in the first place, by paying fees and putting in the hard work, mean nothing to the company. has been developed to bring commonsense back to running a meet-up group, and to value its members as vital assets.

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