Become an Organizer

30 day no risk trial

Application Form
The process of becoming an Organizer and creating your first group, is initiated by filling out the application form here.

Note: You need to be a member before you can become an Organizer, so the link will only work if you are logged in. A preview of the form can be seen here.

The annual Organizer fee is $24 (Australian) and entitles you to three groups, the same way that Meetup worked. You have 30 days to test that the website can provide the necessary features to effectively run your group.

You pay no money upfront, and will not be invoiced until the end of your trial period.

In the unlikely situation that you find the website is not suitable for your needs, and I cannot make it so, then I will simply delete your group.

Your second and third groups are included in the $24 fee. You can pay a further $24 to allow you to create another three groups.

Why the Process is Manual
To set up your group and upgrade your membership level, there are a number of things I need to do. Because of the large variety of features the site has, they all need to be integrated together in a seamless way.

The website uses WordPress as its base, but uses BuddyPress to provide the groups function. The group discussion board uses bbPress and the group Gallery uses MediaPress. Events are handled by the Events Manager. Your group will also have its own “About” page.

Overall, there are over 35 plugins needed to create a fully functional social networking site. I have to integrate your details with some of those plugins, so everything works together. This cannot be done automatically, but requires me to reconfigure settings and create new content.

Once your group is ready, it is handed over to you, and you then have full control over all its features – including adding extra pages that link to your “About” page. I know you are eager to get up and running straightaway, but the inconvenience of having to wait for me is far outweighed by the power and control you will get as an Organizer at Eventpeg.

Try the Demo
If you only want to test out the events features, you can just ask me for the login details for the Demo Member. You will be able to create events and make a booking. It is the easiest way to test the system, while not having to create an actual group. You do not need to create an account to do this, you simply log in as the Demo Member.