About this Website

GrahamMeet the Admin
My name is Graham Beech and I am the owner of Eventpeg. I live in the foothills of Perth in Western Australia. In 2017, I turned 65, officially becoming an old aged pensioner. That means I have a lot of free time to dedicate to running the website.

My background is in electronics, having spent 20 years as an avionics technician in the RAAF, our Air Force. I don’t have any programming training, and my websites are built using experience I have gained over many years of creating different ones. Each new site brings with it new challenges and skills to master, while incorporating past techniques I know that work.

I choose to use a minimalist approach to my sites, with uncluttered pages that load quickly. It is important to me that the navigation menus are obvious and never leave you lost, or confused as to where other site pages are. On this site, the main menu stays pinned to the top of your screen, and doesn’t disappear as you scroll down.

Some people find my interface archaic, but it uses proven principles that everyone is used to. It also adapts well to mobile devices, where things like sidebars and widgets would be moved below the main content, confusing users.

My strong points are persistence and attention to detail. My weak points are public relations and people skills. I am much more comfortable with machines than people. A major reason for that, is a lifetime of chronic anxiety. So I apologise in advance for anything I say or do that may upset people – tact is not my best personality trait.

Why Eventpeg Exists
Around the middle of 2017, I made Ozmeetup, only ever designed to be a low-cost Meetup alternative for Australians. A couple of months later, Meetup started displaying a message at the bottom of group home pages about a new design coming, and inviting you to preview it. Alarm bells started ringing.

The preview was shocking to say the least. It not only looked terrible, but advised certain features were going to be discontinued. I could see the features I had with Ozmeetup not only retained the ones they were going to take away, but ones that had been removed in previous redesigns, such as uploading group files.

It was clear to me that a global version of my site was needed, and Eventpeg was born, to supersede Ozmeetup. At the time there was nothing available that did what Meetup did. They had a unique concept that even Facebook didn’t match. There were sites that were close, but none that could be called a replacement.

Eventpeg filled the gap, but had one severe disadvantage – no one knew it existed. The “passing trade” that Meetup had accumulated since 2002, ensured a continual pool of potential new members. On the 14th of December, the final switch to their new design was made. Organizers worldwide were infuriated, and left with a broken website that started them looking for a viable alternative.

Other alternatives started to appear, made by people with the programming skills and backing I did not have. I was no longer the only choice. My naivety had left me with with a website that I was unsure still had a place, or a reason to continue.

I now see Eventpeg as a niche website. It is first and foremost, a social networking site. It is built around forming a community of members and organizers that interact with each other, regardless of which group they belong to. The common theme is creating and attending “meet ups”. It is ideally suited to new or smaller groups, that want a full-featured but lower cost website.

Organizers that join Eventpeg, and find it is just what they were looking for, will tell other organizers. Word-of-mouth is the best way the site will grow. I have faith the site has a solid infrastructure, that not only provides the tools organizers need, but gives them the freedom to design and run their group however they see fit.

While more alternatives will inevitably appear, some with corporate backing, I feel the community atmosphere here and the rapport that is built between everyone on the site will be a major attraction. We are a family, with myself being the “overseer”, helping members who get “stuck”. I see Eventpeg as what Meetup was 15 years ago, before it became too big and lost the one-on-one support ability and feeling.

If you are happy to do your own group promotion, through local means such as newspapers or fliers, or links via another website and are not interested in “fly by night” members, then I feel the site is ideal for you. Of course, I will continue to promote it as best I can, without throwing money at advertising that I can’t afford.

The future of Eventpeg depends on its membership, and my motto shown at the bottom of every page is, “From little things, big things grow”. One lonely acorn can grow into a giant oak tree. It just needs feeding and nurturing.