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Eventpeg is a social networking site, where members form a community centred around creating and attending group events, nicknamed “meetups”.

Many people will be familiar with meetups from meetup.com – which is a well established website that has been in existence since 2002. Most people who go to meetups use their website. However, they have been systematically removing features that organizers need to effectively manage their groups.

The objective of Eventpeg is to bring those features back. You can see an overview of the major features here.

Registering as a member is free and allows you to join groups that hold events in your area. Becoming an organizer allows you to create groups of your own. The annual organizer fee is $24 (AUD) and entitles you to three groups. That is a saving of 90% compared to meetup.com
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The site will work on any device, including phones, without the need for an App. The interface is intentionally made simple and uncluttered for that very reason (KISS). The menu is also pinned to the top, so you never get lost.

All groups are overseen by me, enabling organizers and members to contact me directly if they are having a problem or don’t understand something. Your requests are never ignored and you are always treated with respect. Your groups will never be deleted without your knowledge, and members are never removed from your groups by me, unless they breach the site’s policies.

Register today and experience group events with all the features you have come to expect. Better still, start your own, at a fraction of the cost of other sites.

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