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Eventpeg is first and foremost, a social networking site, where members form a community centred around creating and attending group events, nicknamed “meetups”. It uses WordPress as its core, which powers nearly 30% of websites worldwide, some 75 million sites.

By adding modules, the site provides the necessary functions to create groups and pages, manage events and bookings, upload group files, create group photo galleries and a private group discussion board, message and friend other members and more. There is also a central forum for members to help each other with any problems.

Becoming a member is absolutely free, and enables you to join any of the groups on the site. For $24/yr Australian, you can create up to 3 groups of your own. That’s 90% cheaper than sites like Meetup.Register for freeUnlike sites that merely list events, members can see all the groups, events and other members on the site that have been made public. Information that has been made private will require you to join the group before you can see it. Groups do have a public About page though, that even guests can read, so you can decide whether you would like to join that group.

Eventpeg has a cross-platform, responsive layout design by default. That means it will work on any device, including phones, without needing to install an App. That is also why the interface is kept simple, with no widgets, sidebars or other content that would otherwise disappear to the bottom of your screen, and probably never read.

Register today and experience group events with all the features you have come to expect, and without the prying tactics of Facebook. Better still, start your own group, at a fraction of the cost of other sites.

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